Mudaraba Savings

The savings account is not restricted to anyone. To open this account, an initial minimum deposit of Taka 200.00 only. The profit rate is 6.0% and is payable bi-annually (June 30th and December 30th) based on the monthly minimum balance subject to the following conditions: - The profit payable will be at least Taka 10.00 - There are not more than two withdrawals per week. - The withdrawn amount cannot cross Taka 25,000.00 or 1/4th of the balance (whichever is lower). - Profit is payable on the balance if a 7-day notice is given. The account closing charge is Taka 25.00 only.

Type Profit
Savings 6.0%

* The profit rate has been shown provisionally, the final profit rate will be declared after annual accounting.